Zaram is an elven rogue formerly of the Storm Runners tribe, now exiled.


Zaram was in the Storm Runners Tribe many years ago. However, there was a tribal dispute about leadership, he ended up as a member of the losing side, and barely escaped with his life.

He escaped to nearby Nibenay with his associate and mate, Doreena. They worked many scams and semi legitimate trades, and supplemented their income with pickpocketing and small larceny as the opportunities presented themselves.

One night they got caught breaking into a merchant’s shop that happened to be owned by one of the large and powerful merchant house, Garam-Brech. Zaram was not aware of the shop’s owners but Doreena seemed ready for it and escaped at the first sign of trouble. Zaram got caught by Nibenay’s templars. He managed to escape their custody when the Veiled alliance staged an attack on the holding cells where he was to be sold into slavery. Figuring Nibenay was no longer a safe area for him, he moved on. Taking a role as a caravan guard, working for house Garam-Brech.

Zaram ended up staying with caravan much longer than he had planned due in no small part to the charismatic leader of the caravan a Half-Elf named Terral. Zaram spent a few years traveling to several different city states, fighting off many dangers of the wastes. Zaram, also found the transient nature of his stays in the city states much like his days with his elf tribe, allowing him to perform whatever less than legal activities he could get away with, and then leave before too much attention was paid to him.

On one such visit to the city state of Tyr, Zaram reached a little too far in his dealing while in the city and was caught by one of Kalak’s templars, Borgash. He managed to escape, and fled to the caravan in hopes of leaving the city with them at dawn, however the king’s templars beat him to the caravan and Terral, complied with the templar’s demands to hand over Zaram. Zaram was sent to work on Kalak’s great ziggurat just like every other slave, vagrant, and criminal in the city at the time.

Zaram, being recently freed, by the death of Kalak and revolution in the city, has setup in the Elven quarter. Though he has no tribe he can come and go with ease. He has made decent trade in bringing many of the substances people would travel into the elven quarter for to them. People are quite happy to pay a premium if they are spared the nerve wracking trip to the elven quarter. He also still makes a fair bit of money on the purses of way ward travelers and the occasional foolish noble. One of the more interesting customers who he is friendly with and trades with regularly is Yula, an eccentric daughter of a minor noble house, who he suspects, is a member of the veiled alliance.

Zaram tends to hang out in a bar at the edge of the elven quarter, Bazrahg’s Breath, and is friendly with the tavernkeep there, Higor.

In general Zaram is looking for somewhere to belong. He is tired of being on his own, though he can make it on his own, he would prefer to have someone to work with. He also finds himself taken in by charismatic leaders, despite his selfish and monetary leanings.


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